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Asterisk is the world's leading Open Source Telephone system.


While Asterisk started out as a simple project to create a Unix-based telephony server that could accept incoming phone calls and connect to an external SIP card to make outgoing calls, it has now expanded to include many features such as:

  • Drivers for various VoIP protocols.
  • Drivers for PSTN interface cards and devices.
  • Routing and call handling for incoming calls.
  • Outbound call generation and routing.
  • Media management functions (record, play, generate tone, etc.).
  • Call detail recording for accounting and billing.
  • Transcoding (conversion from one media format to another).
  • Protocol conversion (conversion from one protocol to another).
  • Database integration for accessing information on relational databases.
  • Web services integration for accessing data using standard internet protocols.
  • LDAP integration for accessing corporate directory systems.
  • Single and mult-party call bridging.
  • Call recording and monitoring functions.
  • Integrated "Dialplan" scripting language for call processing.
  • External call management in any programming or scripting language through Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
  • Event notification and CTI integration via the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI).
  • Speech synthesis (aka "text-to-speech") in various languages and dialects using third party engines.
  • Speech recognition in various languages using third party recognition engines.





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