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The BC$ LayerPlayer Design

The BC$ LayerPlayer is a web-based media player application designed for playing media files of various formats through use of the <object>, <embed> and <iframe> [1] conventions for including Rich Media content within a website, web application or other browser instance.

It represents the culmination of over two and a half years of research into online video technologies, and is designed to be robust and scalable enough to permit extensions for emerging Semantic Web technologies to interact with its controls.


A layer player is any application, software or service designed to play rich media content above another form of content contained within the same application. A layered approach to content involves stacking one layer atop another, in order to give a new presentation priority to the data and information contained within a specific layer.


The LayerPlayer is currently in the design phase, and is expected to be released by the summer of 2008.

The interaction available to a layer-structure media player almost inherently demands a vast amount of real-time data. A number of tests have been run on a variety of development tools and platforms to determine which solutions are robust enough to support the basic functionality required to implement a Semantic Content Container of this nature, including:


  • Advanced DHTML Popup v2.4+ - Software to quickly & efficiently create interactive, dynamic and customizable DHTML popups with intuitive design tools
  • Floatbox.JS
  • The Javascript Dojo Toolkit - Toolkit with some interesting out-of-the-box widgets, and 3 separate libraries for building your own
  • Script.aculo.us "Web 2.0" Javascript - Script library used for dynamic forms, AJAX controls, Drag & Drops, etc


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