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BCmoney MobileTV was registered as a business in Moncton [1], New Brunswick [2], Canada [3] on December 5, 2007 in order to serve as the lead development group for the BC$ and OpenRecommender Recommendation System projects. BCmoney MobileTV in particular, will serve as a small business operating jointly out of Moncton, NB Canada (PC division) and Tokyo, Japan (Mobile division) and will be fully operational by 2009.


Behavior, Content and Money
The philosophy behind BC$ is simple, yet powerful...

People on the web (from researchers & professionals to home internet users) should have a single place to go where they can receive recommendations about content (in particular video, but also other information) in a given category, that they can rely on. They should be able to trust that the information recommended to them through this service is useful, relevant and interesting to them, while also being able to control their desired level of privacy for that information.

Data Collection & Analysis: Opt-in .vs. Opt-out

In order to guarantee the usefulness, relevance and interest level of the information displayed to them, such a "Recommendation System" must be capable of observing users' behavior and learning from them using Machine Learning techniques. If fairness is to be ensured, then the users of such a system should most certainly be permitted Opt-In to specific service-level agreements, before having any of their online behavior tracked, and at any time be permitted to change their specific service agreement(s) in order to Opt-Out of data collection within a given subset of the system. This form of tracking is known as passive tracking.


In addition, the users of such a recommendation system should be able to specify whether or not they are willing to receive advertisements within their personal recommendations. Those who accept advertisements should receive a credit or membership point each time they choose to listen to, interact with and make use of, a particular advertisement. Furthermore they should be able to recommend the products or services contained in an ad, or the ad itself, to friends, family, co-workers and others in their extended network. In this way, unsolicited advertisements can be minimized, and ad revenues can finally be shared amongst the people that actually have to sit through the ads, since the cost of transferring information through the internet is increasingly approaching zero.

This can best be summarized by the freedom, openness and accessibility of information promised by the three main by-products of information exchanges on the web:
Behavior, Content and Money

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