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Bluetooth is quickly becoming the world's leading technology for short-range wireless data communications. It can be used to quickly and conveniently pass data wirelessly, over-the-air, between 2 devices.




There are a wide variety of Bluetooth profiles and associated protocols/standards/specifications and required services to be implemented, however the following list represents the most common (starting with the complete list from Bluetooth organization's official site):

  1. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP):
  2. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP):
  3. Health Device Profile (HDP):
  4. Hands-Free Profile (HFP):
  5. Human Interface Device Profile (HID):
  6. Message Access Profile (MAP):
  7. Personal Area Network Profile (PAN):
  8. Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP):



Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a Bluetooth profile created specifically for reducing battery size and wattage requirements as well as adding capabilities around networking transceivers into a mesh deployment where transceivers in motion are constantly dropping in and out of range of specific receivers is beneficial (such as tracking movement of inventory, customers via SmartPhone as Beacon, pets via collar Beacon and even tagged wildlife within limited ranges such as game preserves with fences or natural barriers yet quite open areas). As such it is rapidly becoming one of the most commonly used technologies for implementing Beacon-based tracking systems and can be seen as a rival yet slightly differently focused alternative to the other most popular alternatives which are RFID & NFC.

[3] [4]


MMV-200 hooked up to a TV

BT Multimedia devices

Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200

TV set top boxes

BT Headphones/Earbuds

BT Keyboards


Security & Facility Access devices


Bluetooth Special Interest group (BSIG) is a group of approximately 4000 powerful executives and influential developers who back Bluetooth as the de facto Ubiquitous short-range, off-network data communication technology. The group is comprised primarily of the major electronics companies and device manufacturers. [5]

BSIG is a privately held, not-for-profit trade association founded in September 1998. The Bluetooth SIG itself does not make, manufacture, or sell Bluetooth enabled products. The SIG member companies are leaders in the telecommunications, computing, automotive, music, apparel, industrial automation, and network industries. SIG members drive development of Bluetooth wireless technology, and implement and market the technology in their products. The main tasks for the Bluetooth SIG are to publish Bluetooth specifications, administer the qualification program, protect the Bluetooth trademarks and evangelize Bluetooth wireless technology. [6]





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