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A Product is an item of value refined and/or crafted from material goods, typically which fulfills or facilitates one or several specific tasks.

Minimum Viable Product

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Minimum Viable Secure Product

[6] [7]

Mimimum Marketable Feature Set

Mimimum Marketable Feature Set (commonly abbreviated as MMFS or MMF) is the most basic possible piece of a broader application, service or system that we can build in order to test it in the marketplace with real users and get tangible, actionable feedback on to help us decide its viability and future direction(s).

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Simple Lovable Complete product/service (commonly abbreviated as SLC) is an alternative to MVP thinking focused on how/when the MVP is delivered, but still falls in the same category.

Product Manager

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Product Owner

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The "Product Roadmap" is a visualization and/or textual description of the vision of the future direction in relation to the current state of a given Product, listing all the new features, integrations or general areas to focus improvements on. Typically they take a monthly, quarterly and/or year-long view (although they may have rough guidelines in place for 2-5 year range as well).

It is sometimes compared to the "Gantt charts" of Project Management, but differs in that it focuses on goals, initiatives and outcomes rather than deadlines, milestones and requirements (outputs).



The NIGP Commodity/Services Code is a coding structure for standardizing purchasing that brings order and consistency for efficiency and economy. Developed by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing and maintained by Periscope Holdings, Inc., the NIGP Code is the solution that brings the highest levels of organization and efficiency to procurement programs of all kinds.



Amazon Product API API


BestBuy Remix

Google Product Ideas

Delicious Library

Delicious Library enables you to catalog your Books, Movies, Music, Software, Toys, Tools, Electronics, Video Games and other purchased products via a Webcam with UPC scanning/recognition abilities.




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