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A Shell Script is a system-level control program which enables certain operations to be automated.


The "shebang" or "opening header" is a directive which should appear at the top of a particular type of Shell script and location. It should be any ONE of the following:

#!/bin/sed -f
#!/usr/awk -f




./ [ARGS]

Run shell script As root:

sudo sh [ARGS]


locate <something>


locate tomcat

list all known files/folders which contain the name "tomcat"


ps ax | grep <something>


ps ax | grep VRD

list running processes which start with "VRD"




nohup <something>


nohup VRD-proxy &

run VRD-Proxy application with "no hang-ups" (even after shell closes) [3]


Setup a cleanup function to be triggered upon script exit:

 __cleanup ()
    -f "MyProcess.lock"  && rm "MyProcess.lock"
 # ...
 # bunch of other commands and stuff
 # ...
 trap __cleanup EXIT


Environment Variables




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