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CGI is an acronym commonly applied to the two following separate concepts:

Computer Generated Imaging

Computer-Generated-Imaging (commonly abbreviated CGI) is a technique for creating a digital representation or transcription of a real-world object, or, a digital representation of a fictional object. Common objects rendered as CGI include characters, locales/backgrounds, or specific special effects.

CGI has become a de facto technique in the animation process.




Common Gateway Interface

Common Gateway-Interface (commonly abbreviated CGI) in tech circles however, almost always refers to one of the oldest methods and set of standards defining how information is exchanged between a web server and a custom script on a server. CGI is commonly used for submitting and persisting data from a client's web browser, onto a remote server, or for calling a script which will perform some operation on the server such as moving files or modifying data. Although it is most commonly used to expose the Perl command-line/desktop programming language on to the web for creating HTML pages and web-based user interfaces and/or interactions, it is not limited to this technology and in device and environment-specific instances has been used to interact with C[1], C++[2] and other languages.






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