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Collaboration as a Service (commonly abbreviated CaaS; the CaaS acronym is shared with the slightly different concept of Communications-as-a-Service) is any technology or suite of technologies aimed at providing productive and cost effective ways to regularly bring together a geographically distributed talent pool.[1]

In simple terms, this means good CaaS solutions should combine best-of-breed existing technologies to enable communication between geographically dispersed individuals at an on-demand and interactive level not possible by (for example) using a single software tool, or multiple software tools separately. CaaS aims to connect software tools to ensure their most productive shared usage within a given domain.


The focus of CaaS is on the on-demand provisioning of specific Web Application features, typically around communication (Chat, Telemetry, Telephony, Videoconference, less specific services such as SNS, CMS or Aggregation; or even more specific services such as LBS, Biometrics or personalized Recommendation). This provisioning is designed to take place within a specific Server/OS combination within a specific set of supporting applications/library configurations across Server instances, nodes and clusters of nodes; in such as manner that the services scale to reflect and support the demand on the communication-focused Web Applications at any point in time.

Business Model

CaaS is most commonly offered as an enterprise-grade subscription based service that can provide your organization with reliable and secure on-demand collaboration solutions -- all at a predictable and affordable price.


ChatOps is a collaborative, conversation-centric way of working that brings people, discussions, bots, tools and files together in one central location: the workplace messaging app.

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On Sept. 7th, 2017[44] it was announced[45] that Atlassian's long-time flagship IM/chat collaboration tool known as HipChat would be getting phased out in favor of a new tool called Stride.

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