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E-Procurement is typically a business-to-business or business-to-government fulfillment of a formal Request For Proposals (RFP) primarily though electronic means.

What this means is that all contracts, requirements, specifications, blueprints, milestones, test reports and final products/services generated from the procurement process are delivered electronically. This could be via internet, such as a Web Application to fulfill a specific need (i.e. E-Payment system for paying fines on city traffic violations, or, improving the search function for a car parts site, etc), or even as simple as documents and media produced digitally and sent via email (i.e. market research reports or feasibility studies on use of a proposed technology to solve a business/governance problem).

The end products may then even be paid for electronically, but this is not necessary for the fulfillment and categorization of a transaction as an E-Procurement.

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