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Email (also written as "e-mail") is an electronic communication of text and/or other multimedia such as images, or even full HTML with active hyperlinks.[1]



Spam (also called junkmail) is unsolicited email messages akin to the kind of "junk mail" or unwanted flyers/pamhplets/letters one might get in the regular mail (i.e. paper or snail mail). Due to the significantly lower cost of sending an email, Spam has been particularly prevalent since the early days of Email, with Spam Bots and Email Marketers getting more and more clever. Spam has been at worst a major cause of pain (in cases of email Fraud), and at best a minor nuisance or annoyance to many everyday Email users. [2]

SMS to Email

Some Telcos (carriers) provide email addresses for routing messages to any subscriber's Mobile Phone number via either Email itself of SMS.



Email Marketing

Anonyous Email


Open Source



Open Source



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