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Engagement is a measure of the level of involvement, interest and connection made between an audience member, client or other individual who receives a message - whether in whole or in part - from a presenter, company, or another individual trying to communicate an idea or message.

An idea or message in this sense could be that the communicatee should buy a product or service from the communicator, for example the infamous "product launches" made popular by Steve Jobs and Apple. However, engagements can be promoted through more traditional advertising as well, but this is not typically capable of creating true engagement or intention in the customer.

Intention Economy

The philosophy of the Intention Economy is in direct contrast to the traditional "Attention Economy" as is widespread in Retail today.


Kinetic Rule Language (KRL) is a rule-based programming language for creating applications on the Live Web. KRL programs, or rulesets, comprise a number of rules that respond to particular events. KRL has been promoted as language for building portable "personal clouds" and avoiding "vendor lock-in".

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Payments in the power of the people who make/receive them.


Personal terms of data collection and usage.

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