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A Movie (also known as Motion Picture, Film, or Full-length Feature) is a video filmed for the purpose of telling a story or otherwise conveying an idea or capture some aspect of life or reality.

Movies (or as they are historically known as, Motion Pictures) are moving sound and images record for the purpose of telling a specific story. Although there are no formal limits for a movie's duration, they are typically regarded as running anywhere between 60-180 minutes.

The rise of the motion picture occurred extremely quickly from the initial creation of motion pitcures, leading up to the "Golden Days of Hollywood" in the 1940's as the United States and indeed the world began to recover from a serious depression in the 1930's.


A Preview is typically a short spot promoting the film, usually 30 seconds or less in duration so that it may run as an advertisement on other media (such as Television, the Internet, and before other Movies in theatres, purchased from retail outlets or rented from rental outlets).


A Trailer is usually a longer promotional reel or material meant specifically for in-theatre and online promotions. It tends to run roughly 2 minutes in length and may involve significantly more plot elements, memorable quotes, taglines or exciting scenes, in order to entice an audience into wanting to see (and indeed seeing) the movie at a later point in time.

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peaks are usually the longest possible promotional release for a film and may include cut scenes, alternate intros and/or endings, etc... They are generally not made available to the public until the final days before a film is released in theatres. They may run up to 8-15 minutes in length, and may include commentary from the filmmakers, cast or crew.


Cinema (also referred to as Movies, Film, Celluloid, Motion Pictures, the Silver Screen, etc...) is a video-focused experience which incorporates audio, visual and (possibly) other sensory cues in order to tell a story.

Over the years, Cinema has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, and is the most profitable sector of the entertainment industry other than pornography.









Theater Showtimes

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EXAMPLE #2 - YQL to grab list of movies and links

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