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Form Processing

Form processing is an important capability that must be handled both securely and reliably by any website or web service.


Input is the actual data being passed from an HTML (or WAP, xHTML or SemanticForms) form, to the server-side processing script or language (which may be written in PHP, JAVA, Python, Ruby, C#, Visual Basic, etc...)

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Form Validation

Form validation is the important process of checking and validating the input of a web form before processing it.

Client-side validation

It is important to valid the form input both before passing it to the server (on the client, through client-side languages such as JavaScript) and after receiving it at the server, but before changing the state of any stored objects or processing any further commands, programs or applications (in the server-side language such as JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python, etc).

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HTML5 pattern

The pattern attribute is a mechanism added to HTML5 for specifying valid formats of certain input fields (text, email, password, etc).

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Server-side Validation






Client-Side validation

Server-Side validation


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