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Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (commonly abbreviated GRDDL), is a programming language for translating one form of data (typically presented as an unstructured document on the web) into a better structured, more semantic representation such as OWL or RDF.

On top of GRDDL, it is possible to build translation engines, data mining tools and other similar services.


How it Works

XHTML & Transformations

A document specifies associated transformations, using one of a number of methods.

For instance, an XHTML document may contain the following markup:

   <head profile="">

   <link rel="transformation" href="grokXFN.xsl" />

Document consumers are informed that there are GRDDL transformations available in this page, by including the following in the PROFILE attribute of the HEAD element:

The available transformations are revealed through one or more LINK elements:

   <link rel="transformation" href="grokXFN.xsl" />


External Links


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