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A gallery is a component for sorting and visualizing content, particularly images, videos or even snapshots of a webpage.



HighSlide is like the "kleenex" of gallery effects, it is one of the first major commercial/successful and widely used in-page DHTML-style popup galleries, and has grown to a large user base and enjoys a robust feature set. It is free for non-commercial, personal or academic use but requires a license to be purchased for use on commercial sites.


Probably coming up a close 2nd place in terms of gallery effects is the Coverflow, made famous by Apple's iTunes. Since there are so many ways of achieving this effect (from server-side image manipulation in PHP to Javascript/AJAX/jQuery and even CSS3 animations/transforms) I've ranked the best ones I could find in terms of look/feel, scalability (mobile support), controls and customizability.

  1. Coulisse: | EXAMPLE (HTML5, fullscreen, keyboard controls)
  2. jQuery UI coverflow: (implemented using jQuery's $.widget extension, nice features, synched playlist, keyboard/mousewheel controls)
  3. xFlow: | EXAMPLE (commercial, excellent features, scalability)
  4. ImageFlow: (simple code, nice features, keyboard controls + mousewheel... closed license but free for non-commercial use)
  5. ContentFlow: (one of the original JS implementations, customizable, keyboard/mousewheel navigation, JS-reflection effect)
  6. protoFlow:[1] (used for BC$ Freebase Music search demo, reflection, keyboard/mousewheel navigation)
  7. cFlow: (scroll events, associated content update on image switch)
  8. Coverflow using CSS 3D Transforms: (basic functions in all browsers, effects in Chrome/Safari only)
  9. jCoverFlow: | EXAMPLE (no keyboard controls, nice transition effect done in jQuery)
  10. Momoflow: (jQuery UI-powered, basic click controls only, less scalable)
  11. jQuery Cover Flow like iTunes:
  12. MooFlow v0.2: | EXAMPLE




External Links


  1. Protoflow Coverflow prototype:
  2. Snow Stack is Here:

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