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A hologram is a three-dimensional record of the positive interference of laser light waves. A technical term for holography is wavefront reconstruction. The playing back of a video hologram is sometimes referred to as a holographic projection, while a live video feed rendered as a holographic projection is often referred to as a telepresence. Holograms are true, three-dimensional records of the original object. They contain depth and parallax, which is the ability to see around the object to objects placed behind.


A printed Hologram is the "Interference Pattern" on the photosensitive coating on the surface of a glass plate created by the interaction of two beams of coherent light from a laser. Each time a holographic recording is undertaken, there will be subtle variations in the above referred "Interference Pattern", making such pattern unique.


Holographs are documents written entirely in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears. Some countries (such as France) or local jurisdictions within certain countries (for example some U.S. states) give legal standing to specific types of holographic documents, generally waiving requirements that they be witnessed or notorized.


A standard image obtained with a regular camera records a 2D focused image of the scene from one perspective. However, reconstructing a digital hologram returns a 2D image of the scene at a specific depth (300mm from the camera) from an individual perspective (along the optical axis). Algorithms and processing techniques need to be developed to extract the 3D information from digital holograms by processing multiple (volumes of) reconstructions.


Heads Up Display (HUD) is a transparent or translucent screen or projection that enables a viewer to perform other functions (such as operating the controls of a vehicle with their hands) and still receive important information, without being distracted from their main task (i.e operating a vehicle).



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