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1st Generation iPhone

The iPhone[1] is the world's first commercially distributed touch-screen mobile device which uses tactile input from one's finger and does not require a tracker, stylus pen, external joystick/keyboard, or other intermediary sensing device.

In addition to the revolutionary touch-screen, the Apple iPhone has some other innovative features including:

  • Web Browser (Safari, webkit-based HTML5/CSS3/JS browser capable of viewing web pages in full view mode as if it were a small PC screen)
  • Wi-fi Connectivity (meaning the user does not have to rely on the carrier network to connect to the internet)
  • Video Streaming Playback (near-instantaneous playback of video from several sources on the web, including YouTube)
  • Fingerprint Biometric ID (TouchID camera-based biometric identification built into the "Home" button in iPhone 5S+)[2]
  • NFC Contactless Payment (NFC chip which enables "swipe-to-pay" functionality at retail PoS terminals)[3]
  • and several others




1st gen.

3G (2nd gen.)







SE (1st gen.)






SE (2nd gen.)






The iPhone campaign represents one of the most hyped electronics campaigns to date. It seems as though no other technology was talked about as early before its release as the iPhone. It is unclear how the hype, release and subsequent sales and growth trajectory of the iPhone will ultimately effect the Apple brand, but overall the long-term effect seems to be positive.

As a result of the hype, however, there were a lot of misconceptions about the iPhone and its associated technology.[5]


Finger Gestures


Using the built-in microphone, voice commands are supported in certain applications, the most significant example being "Google Voice", which provides a set of oral commands for searching the web and accessing some of Google's most popular services.


<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0;" />

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3rd-Party Applications on iPhone

Until recently, Third (3rd)-Party Developers were limited in what they could do in terms of building applications that could interact with the iPhone, a limitation that many analysts, and fans alike, feared would prevent the iPhone from being considered a true SmartPhone[10]. Originally the strict development licenses and closed, proprietary SDKs and code APIs were reserved only for Apple employees. After public outcry and some complaints from even the most loyal Apple users, finally Apple has opened up the iPhone to 3rd-Party Developers[11].


Address Book


DEVICERelease DateSales (release)Sales (total)
iPhoneJune 29, 20071 million (74 days)6.1 million[12]
iPhone 3GJuly 11, 20081 million (3 days)20.254 million[13]
iPhone 3GSJune 19, 20091 million (3 days)32.41 million[14][15]
iPhone 4June 24, 20101.7 million (3 days)88 million[16]
iPhone 4SOct. 14, 201183 million (3 days)83 million[17]
iPhone 5Sept. 21, 20122 million (1 day)[18]91 million[19]
iPhone 5S & 5CSept. 20, 20139 million (3 days)[20]10.75 million (5s), 2.6 million (5c)[21]
iPhone 6 & 6+Sept. 19, 201410 million (3 days)[22]
iPhone 6S[23][24]Sept. 22, 2015?? million (1 day)
iPhone SE[25][26][27]Mar. 28, 2016??? million (1 day)
iPhone 7[28]Sept. 21, 2016??? million (1 day)
iPhone 8[29]Sept. 21, 2017??? million (1 day)
iPhone X[30]Oct. 21, 2017??? million (1 day)

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By Apple







iMediaShare - DLNA client/server: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imediashare-personal/id710578942?mt=8[39]


















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iWebKit is a tool for creating an iPhone-specific webapp in simple CSS, xHTML (or HTML5) and Javascript components in a matter of minutes.


For more basic layouts, the iPhoneNav css/javascript tool can easily give you an iPhone Look & Feel.


vShare MOD - iPhone/iPod/iPad

Cost $45





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