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Identity (sometimes synonymously referred to as a profile on the web) is the real (or imagined) summary and/or characterization of an individual.

One's true identity is who they are in real-life (as would typically coincide with descriptions from people who know an individual intimately, i.e. friends & family), while one's Digital Identity may differ from this through use of imaginary, fictional or embellished descriptions of one's true self using text profile write-ups, interest listings, avatars.




Identification (commonly abbreviated ID) is a method of identifying an entity such as an individual, corporation, government or section thereof. An ID should make self-evident and/or verifiable that the entity described by the ID (i.e. individual, corporation, government) is actually accurate in depicting/representing the entity. In the broadest sense, an ID could be assigned to anything (for example a noun-person,place,thing in the English language) and used to represent that thing pictorially, graphically, informatively or through some other more intrusive means of conveying accuracy of information such as Biometrically.

Digital Identity

Digital Identity refers to one’s online and/or real-life personna. It is important to note that in these early days of the web, and thanks to a certain amount of anonymity still afforded to "free" societies the two personnas are not always the same!

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