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Metaweb Query Language (commonly abbreviated MQL) is the native query language of Semantic Web knowledge company Metaweb, created and used for the purpose of searching/filtering result datasets of interest from the broader entire Freebase dataset. The query language is extremely similar in nature to both traditional SQL and the way web-based APIs work with JSON data exchange format, and in fact relies on the base JSON JavaScript grammar to form its query and response patterns.


Freebase (MQL) API

EXAMPLE #1 - Search for albums by The Smiths{%22query%22:{%22type%22:%22/music/artist%22%2C%22name%22:%22The%20Ramones%22%2C%22album%22:[}}]

EXAMPLE #2 - Search for all data available about the band The Ramones{%22query%22:{%22type%22:%22/music/artist%22%2C%22name%22:%22The%20Ramones%22%2C%22album%22:[}}]




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