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Middleware is software that runs between the backend and frontend of a system. For example, an ESB is the common middleware that connects disparate Services within a company or across its departments.

Common roles of middleware include (for both requests and responses to a system):

  1. routing
  2. sorting
  3. filtering
  4. messaging
  5. transaction management (rollbacks, opening/closing resources, etc)
  6. monitoring (logging, security, activity tracking, etc)
  7. aggregation (providing a Facade to other systems, combining separate but related results into a single object, tec)
  8. load balancing (failover, mirroring, cloud burst, etc)


Midtier is typically the team, department or organization in charge of maintenance of a company's middleware. Sometimes though, the roles of the Midtier team can encompass server maintenance of all applications in the entire organization.

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