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Mixi, Inc. is a Tokyo-based company established in 1999, initially as an online job service. Mixi is now known for its social network service of the same name, which is by far the biggest one in Japan. The site boasts over 19 million members and gets over 14 billion page views monthly (July 2008). According to its owners, the mobile version is more popular than the PC site.

Mixi is only available in Japanese and officially restricted to adults. The service requires an invitation from a member and a Japanese cell phone’s email address for identity confirmation. Mixi offers typical SNS features such as a “my profile” page, a messaging system, photo and video hosting, a blog/diary function, music sharing, a news section, discussion communities/forums etc. External applications are not accepted." [1]



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  1. Mixi company profile: http://www.crunchbase.com/company/mixi
  2. Mixi API - php example: http://coderepos.org/share/browser/lang/php/Services_MixiAPI

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