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Money is (technically speaking) any tangible or intangible asset which can be traded in exchange for goods or services of value.

As Paul Grignon eloquently puts it in his masterpiece short "Money As Debt", while the question of "what is love?" has been pondered and debated for years, and is considered and/or roughly understood by most of us, the perhaps more important and all-ecompassing question of "what is money?" has yet to be adequately answered or defined, and is never even pondered upon by the vast majority of human beings.






"Superdollars" are counterfeit american dollar bills (primarily $100 notes) which are very difficult to tell apart from authentic dollars actually printed by the US Mint, because they allegedly use the same printing machines, cotton-linen paper, green ink, plates and security mechanisms. There's estimated to be millions to billions range of these in circulation all over the world, having a noticeable impact on world and regional economies. Investigations are ongoing as to the root cause and to aide in removing these from circulation.



Money, "Benjamins", "Dinero" it what you want. We all know about it. But "Strands"...what's that all about?

Nope, its not a new hairdo nor has it anything to do with the British hard rock band that eventually evolved into the Sex Pistols ...although that could be quite interesting if it did :)

It is Strands as in: "the elements interwoven in a complex whole e.g. many strands of the novel's plot"

You bet! We are talking about your money and your increasingly complicated finances. We realize today, more than ever, a new generation of Earthlings are tuning in online to figure out what in the world "money management" should mean in this uber-connected 21st century. These fellow InterNetizens are hungry for more information on anything from practical savings tips to getting help tracking expenses down so that they can enjoy the better things in their life with peace of mind.

moneyStrands is here to do just that: Make life easier and maybe even a speck more fun while helping you do what you gotta do when it comes to "Getting your money in top shape." So, in short: "We are here to help!" And help we will (with a little help from you), should you make the commitment to yourself today and hop on board moneyStrands for a journey through your finances. In short, moneyStrands stands for money management for the rest of us -- the silent yet strong-willed majority that doesn't speak "financialese" :)

CBS MoneyWatch

Web app and news source pulling together relevant information (articles, videos, etc...) for investors, financial workers, and generally anyone who wants to play an active role in their own finances.


  • Bank of International Settlements (BIS): | STATS (BIS is the central bank for all the nations of the world's central banks)


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