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Nokia is a mobile phone handset manufacturer. The company, based in Espoo, Finland (just outside the capital city of Helsinki) at its peak popularity and success enjoyed the world's largest market share for mobile devices at approximately 40% (as of 2008)[1], a target it set for itself as early as 2003[2] when its sales in Q2 approached 40%[3] for the first time.


Nokia N98

N Series


Nokia N97


On December 1st, Nokia announced the release of their latest handset in the Symbian 60 N-series line, the N97. The phone is being compared to iPhone because of its touch-screen, however it differs from the iPhone in that it also offers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Nokia N96


The sequel to the N95 was much less well-received by critics, who often cited weakness in the browser and lack of true feature upgrades from the N95 as its major weaknesses.

Nokia N95


The N95 was the original SmartPhone success case (also dubbed in the media at that time as a "feature phone"), it was the most feature-rich smartphone ever created at the time of its 2006-09-26 launch on 2007-03-. It was one of the first to support progressive as well as real-time adaptive-bitrate streaming of audio and video (HTTP/RTSP/RTMP), Live Streaming of audio and video, face-to-face videoconferencing via the video camera, multiple widely-used media formats, rich document editing (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, pdf), high quality email, web browsing and a large variety of apps & games. It was the reference device upon which YouTube built its first Mobile Video service in 2006-2007, and upon which Pandora built its Online Radio Mobile Streaming service.

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S series




Model 5800

The 5800 is a totally new line of phones focused on the music experience of a mobile handheld device. It was one of the first non-smartphone devices to support a majority of the then popular audio streaming and playback methods (http, rtsp, download, MMS, local library management, etc).

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Model 6275i

The Nokia 6275i is a basic handset model which was one of the first of the non-smartphone lines to support Mobile RTSP streaming of 3GP video and audio.

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