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The Open Mobile Video Coalition (commonly abbreviated OMVC) is a group formed by leaders of the broadcasting industry in 2007 to accelerate the development and rollout of Mobile DTV (transmission of full-motion digital television signals to mobile and handheld devices) products and services, maximizing the full potential of the digital television spectrum.

According to the OMVC site: "Today the OMVC truly represents the industry, with members that own and operate more than 800 commercial and public television stations nationwide."[1]

Mobile DTV .vs. Mobile TV

Mobile Digital TeleVision (DTV) represents a significant new revenue stream for the broadcasting industry as well as a new way to reach more customers. Affordable transmission facility improvements allow broadcasters to extend local programming to a vast audience of viewers with portable Mobile DTV devices. As digital conversion was mandated for completion in the U.S. by February, 2009, Mobile DTV has emerged as an important way for broadcasters to extend their franchises.[2]

Mobile TV, on the other hand, represents a significant new revenue stream for all content creators in general, as well as a new way to reach a larger audience and establish a larger customer base. Near zero-cost transmission is made possible by piggybacking (i.e. utilizing) existing communication infrastructure (anything from Fiber Optic and DSL Cable internet lines down to Analog Airwaves and Wi-Fi for the "Last Mile"), giving content producers instant, direct access to their audiences, each of which could be any percentage of the existing 1.8 Billion Internet users worldwide, or the 4 billion+ people within Wi-Fi or Analog signal ranges. Mobile TV learns a lesson from the death of direct-to-home Analog TV, and focuses on efficiency of communication technologies, particularly by creating direct communication links only where such makes sense, and instead providing a more flexible and responsive media where content adapts to usage and is thus less dependent on specific broadcast technologies or methodologies. Mobile TV does not discriminate on types of content, form factor or broadcast media.



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