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Online Video is any Video distributed and/or shared over the internet. There are 4 main classifications of online video:

  • Streamed - a stream is established "on-demand" between the media server and the user, for each individual requesting user
  • Downloaded - video downloaded from a P2P, Torrent or other file-sharing program, or even through a browser from a site that also streams video
  • Multicast - a live stream is sent out to a specific group of users
  • Broadcast - a live stream is made available online for any user to pick up or "tune into" just like a TV signal




Hosting Providers


MAJOR Existing Players

Some significant and well-established players exist in this market, including[8]:


YouTube is the world's leading online video destination. It was reported that traffic to YouTube and its video streaming servers comprised over 10% of global internet in 2007[9][10], but there have been disputes on the reliability of the study.[11][12]


Netflix started out as a mail-in DVD rental service/club that operated on a monthly-subscription basis, limiting the number of discs a member could simultaneously check out (to 3, then 5). Later, it announced an online video streaming service and finally revised its company mission and business model to focus on this new online video streaming service as their core market offering, slowly phasing out the DVD subscription/rental business.


Hulu is an online video network developed by a third-party Chinese development team in partnership with CBS, .


Crackle is a re-branding of the former "Grouper" online video portal (which was acquired by Sony in 2006), and is currently used to publish "made-for-web" content, archived TV series' no longer in television syndication and films from the Sony Entertainment (TV) & Sony Pictures (Movies) archives and associated labels/vaults owned by Sony.


Cable television giants Shaw (parent company of Global News) and Rogers are launching a new video streaming service, aiming to take on Netflix.


Facebook Watch



Dailymotion is a popular Online Video sharing site, based in France.


[16] [17]



Mega Storage

Mega Storage is an easy place to dump video on the internet and as a result it quickly became one of the most popular online video sharing websites. It is a company started by the same people as MegaVideo & MegaUpload, and was based in Hong Kong, China before their legal issues, now in an undisclosed location (likely Pacific Islands with lenient copyright laws).


Nico Nico Douga

Japan's leading Online Video service.



MINOR Existing Players

Full Known TV-sites List

North America



Niche Sites





External Links

TV watchers multitasking, viewing more online:


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