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Open Source (sometimes referred to as Open Source Software and in that context, abbreviated as OSS) describes the freedom and availability of the methods for creating a given product or service. Open Source software, for example, describes a development effort (most commonly in computer-related systems, i.e. Software or Hardware, but possibly also other types of items in other areas could be produced following an "open source" paradigm) in which a community takes on the responsbilities of producing and/or distributing the system, software or hardware built.

The term open source gained popularity with the rise of the Internet, which provided access to diverse production models, communication paths, and interactive communities.

Open Collective

Group of OpenSource software that enables donations to particular communities/projects.

Corporate Open Source Policies

Any Company serious about Open Source adoption and/or contribution should have at minimum:

  1. Defined grid of eligibility for open source, based on security experts but also with the businesses.
  2. Defined legal policy, in order to know, among other things, which open-source licenses are appropriate for each situation.
  3. Defined support modalities using an "open source Center of Excellence" that takes over the maintenance of open source projects, a third-party company, a dedicated community.


OSS Licenses

Public Domain













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