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Electronic Payment (commonly abbreviated E-Payment) systems are electronic communications mechanisms, infrastructure and/or applications utilized for transferring funds designated in a common world currency, in exchange for goods, services or as an in-kind donations to a cause, individual or group.


E-Payments can be made using a real-world Currency, Digital Currency or Virtual Currency.

Difference from Digital Currency

E-Payments in a real-world currency (i.e. paying for a product online, such as buying a TV; or paying for a service, such as subscribing to a magazine) differ from Digital Currency E-payments in that they are measured and denominated (stored and represented) using a centralized real-world currency that is backed by a particular government, political coalition or central banking institution, and is already widely used (in circulation) in a given country or geopolitical region. In contrast Digital Currency E-Payments are carried out using a currency that is only digital in nature (i.e. cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin or eGold) which then have to be transferred over to a real-world currency before a final value exchange for real tangible goods or services.

Difference from Virtual Currency

E-Payments in a real-world currency differ from Virtual Currency E-Payments in that they denote a monetary value designed primarily for exchange for real, tangible goods and services (such as buying a toothbrush or paying for a trip to the dentist). In contrast, Virtual Currency E-Payments are made within an application, game or other virtual environment (typically online), for virtual goods (i.e. unlocking a character in a game, buying clothing or accessories for a character, earning a role, responsibility) within a Virtual Economy.



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Payment Links


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Amazon Checkout

Apple Pay & Passbook

Google Checkout & Wallet

Microsoft Wallet

BlackBerry Wallet


PayPal is one of the leading E-Payment brands/products/services and earliest success cases (but certainly not the first-mover).



Western Union




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