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The typically vision of a Semantic Agent (sometimes also referred to as an Intelligent Agent or abbreviated as IA) is an artificial sentient being which automates and/or orchestrates the collection of data, and learns based on the results of each collection.

Although it has been a long-running, common element in Science Fiction movies, it is increasingly becoming more and more of a reality as more data gets entered into computer systems, meanwhile memory capacity and computing power continues to increase along with network scalability and scope, based on Moore's Law[1] (memory/compute power) and Metcalfe's Law[2] (network).

Semantic Travel Agent

Semantic Financial Investment Agent

Semantic Tag Clouds

Virtual Assistant

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  3. Media Cloud is a system that lets you see the flow of the media. The Internet is fundamentally altering the way that news is produced and distributed, but there are few comprehensive approaches to understanding the nature of these changes. Media Cloud automatically builds an archive of news stories and blog posts from the web, applies language processing, and gives you ways to analyze and visualize the data.

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