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A Podcast is a term coined by Apple to describe a unique RSS implementation intended to describe media files which are published to the web for download or streaming (originally - and typically - audio files such as MP3, WAV or other audio formats).

The prefix "pod" indicates the word's origin as Apple's original proprietary publishing format for the iPod, most notably through their iTunes store. Later, they opened up the standard and became a leading source of podcasts and played a large role in the uptake of podcasting across the web.

Vodcast is a series of videos released and archived chronologically just like a Podcast (series of audio files released/archived chronologically).


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<rss xmlns:itunes="http://www.itunes.com/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd" version="2.0">
    <title>The Big Hunt</title>
    <description>SUNDAY AM: Jesus: The Parables and the People</description>
    <copyright>Sunday AM</copyright>

    <itunes:subtitle>The Big Hunt</itunes:subtitle>
    <itunes:author>Dale Jenkins</itunes:author>
    <dc:creator>Dale Jenkins</dc:creator>

      <itunes:subtitle>Search for Meaning</itunes:subtitle>
      <content:encoded>SUNDAY AM: Jesus: The Parables and the People</content:encoded>
      <pubDate>Sun, 11 Mar 2012 11:43:33 -0400</pubDate>
      <!-- would hide episode from reader:  <itunes:block>yes</itunes:block> -->
      <itunes:category text="Religion" />
      <itunes:category text="Society & Culture" />
      <itunes:summary>SUNDAY AM: Jesus: The Parables and the People</itunes:summary>
      <itunes:keywords>church of christ, sermon, spring meadows</itunes:keywords>
      <enclosure url="http://www.smcoc.net/content/audio/sermons/2012/2012_03_11am_the_big_hunt.mp3" length="7644119" type="" />
      <!-- would alert reader this Podcast is done and wont be adding any new content:  <itunes:complete>yes</itunes:complete> -->
      <!-- would alert reader this Podcast has a new URL: <itunes:new-feed-url>http://www.location.com/mynewfeed.rss</itunes:new-feed-url> -->
      <itunes:owner>SUNDAY AM</itunes:owner>





Popular Podcasts/Vodcasts



Podcasting is the act of publishing a podcast. Considerations include audio recording, editing (if pre-recorded rather than live), publishing (formatting, sequencing, etc), media hosting (storage, archival, etc), distribution (i.e. live-streaming, streaming, download, etc) and promotion (marketing, advertising, monetizing, etc).


A Podcatcher (or Podcast client) allows you to subscribe to Podcast-formatted RSS feeds, download audio and/or video shows (as it pertains to each item or entry in the Podcast/Vodcast) and play them through a simple and easy to navigate user interface.



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