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Pornography (commonly abbreviated porn or porno) is the depiction of the human genitalia and/or humans in sexual scenarios through imagery, visualizations, video or audio record.


According to "Pornography is notoriously hard to define. The word comes from the ancient Greek porne (whore) and graphien (write), so pornography is ‘writings by/or about whores’. Contemporary dictionaries give a very different definition: today pornography is considered ‘obscene material whose intention is to provoke sexual arousal’. Problems remain: how are we to define ‘obscene’? Are both James Joyce's Ulysses and Larry Flynt's Hustler ‘obscene’? The US government has thought so. At what point does explicit sex become ‘pornography’? One is tempted to agree with US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who concluded: ‘I know it when I see it.’" [1]

Prevalence of Porn in E-Commerce

Increasingly, Pornography has become one of the dominant business models on the internet. Many cite the ruthless business tactics of pornography producers and their historically strong (and often times deceptive) marketing tactics and capabilities as reasons for its success. In addition, the nature of the web provides a platform for discovery of all types of content, which lends itself particular well to discovery of pornographic content. One issue which does not lend itself well on the web is the ability to install and maintain reliable parental controls to ensure that children are guarded from exposure to pornographic content through the openness of the web.



Hardcore pornography is described as pornography which is explicit in nature. It typically includes detailed sexual interaction for purpose of sexual arousal and/or gratification on the part of the observant.


Softcore pornography is described as pornography which is implicit in nature, and thereby reveals less sexual detail. It usually consists of photographs, images, video, audio, animation or other visuzalizations involving only one person, or two people in semi-clothed or fully clothed settings such that the intention may imply a sexual scene, but does not expressly depict one.

Business Models

The Pornography industry worldwide is often estimated to be a vast majority of the global Entertainment market in terms of revenue, size (numbers of people using/viewing/buying), reach (geographical distribution) and production scope (number of contributing individuals, companies, communities).

Common business models include:





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