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RDF Schema (commonly abbreviated as RDFS) is a way of defining vocabularies for a specific type of RDF dataset. RDF Schemas are the critical layer of the Semantic Web. They provide the semantic linkage that 'intelligent' software needs to extract value giving information from the raw data defined by RDF triples.


RDF Schema elements



SchemaPedia is a wiki-like "RDF schema compendium" provided as a service by Ian Davis using the Talis Platform. It represents a free and quick way to announce the publication of RDF Schemas and related RDF, XML and OWL specifications or standards within a given domain.


SchemaWeb is a directory of RDF Schemas expressed in the RDFS, OWL and DAML+OIL schema languages. SchemaWeb is a place for developers and designers working with RDF. It provides a comprehensive directory of RDF Schemas to be browsed and searched by human agents and also an extensive set of web services to be used by software agents that wish to obtain real-time schema information whilst processing RDF data.

Use of RDF Schema elements

What does SchemaWeb do?

SchemaWeb gathers information about schemas published on the web. SchemaWeb merges the RDF statements from all the schemas registered in the directory into an RDF triples store. What does SchemaWeb do for me?

As a human user:

  • Browse the schemas held in the SchemaWeb directory and inspect the details of individual schemas including classes and properties, the raw RDF/XML and the RDF triples.
  • Search the schema meta-data and RDF/XML by keyword.
  • Query the SchemaWeb triples store using an online form.
  • Submit schemas for inclusion in the SchemaWeb directory.

As a software agent:

  • Query the SchemaWeb directory and triple stores using the open standard web service specifications, REST and SOAP.





External Links


  1. RDF Schemas: http://www.schemaweb.info/

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