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Login is the act of providing and/or validating user credentials to ascertain that a person (or system) is who they say they are. For this reason, login is one of the most commonly used techniques for authentication, although authentication may be done without an action similar to a login.

Login is typically accomplished by using one of the following technical arrangements:

▪ Username + Password
▪ Email + Password
▪ Swipe Card
▪ Contact-less Proximity Card
▪ Chip/Pin#
▪ Voice RecognitionFacial RecognitionBiometrics Identification (fingerprint, eye/iris-scanning, walking gait analysis, height/weight/presence, etc)


Registration is typically a pre-requisite for Login, being that a given user must have a valid account before being able to login. However, this is not always necessarily the case, when one system provides the ability to login via an account held on another trusted 3rd party platform/service (as in the case of Federated logins, OpenID/SSO, or using web services like Google OAuth, FacebookConnect, etc).

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