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A Relational DataBase Management System (commonly abbreviated as RDBMS) is a data storage and management systems with all the functionalities of a traditional DBMS, plus mechanisms which give a developer or data administrator the ability to relate data in separate tables and/or databases.

An RDBMS manages a relational database, which stores data in connectible (relational) tables. Tables are organized into columns, and each column stores one type of data (integer, real number, character strings, date, …). The data for a single “instance” of a table is stored as a row.




Derby is an Apache project.



Since Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, they have owned the MySQL technology and any subsequent community contributions.


SQL Lite


MS SQL Server

Microsoft Access





CockroachDB is a distributed database solution based on SQL and similar in structure to an RDBMS, however, it pitches itself as being: "architected for the cloud, CockroachDB delivers resilient, consistent, distributed SQL at the required scale".


For example, the Customer table would have columns such as CustomerNumber, FirstName, and Surname, and a row within that table would be something like {1701, “James”, “Kirk”}.

Tables typically have keys, one or more columns that uniquely identify a row within the table, in the case of the Customer table the key would be CustomerNumber. To improve access time to a data table you define an index on the table. An index provides a quick way to look up data based on one or more columns in the table, just like the index of a book enables you to find specific information quickly.

The most common use of an RDBMS is to implement simple CRUD functionality and ensure data integrity on linked tables (where data in one table depends on data in one or more other tables). [12]



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