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SubVersioN (also referred to as a Subversive client/server; commonly abbreviated as SVN) is a version-control system for managing software source code, compilations and subsequent releases/distribution.

Apache Subversion

Subversion was created by CollabNet Inc. in 2000. At ApacheCon 2009, it was announced that Subversion would be submitted to the Apache Incubator[1] and as of February 17, 2010, subversion was officially graduated and accepted as a full-blown Apache project.[2]



Insalling SVN in Eclipse:

  1. Help -> Install New Software...
  2. Enter into "Work with" dropdown:
  3. Expand "Subversive SVN Connectors" and select
   * Native JavaHL 1.6 Implementation
   * Subversive SVN Connectors
   * SVNKit 1.3.0 Implementation 
  1. Accept license click Finish
  2. Restart Eclipse



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  1. Subversion – As Strong As Ever:
  2. Subversion becomes Apache Subversion:

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