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Retail is the sale of material goods, products or services.


Sales is defined as the activities taken to entice and/or support purchasing behaviours of specific offerings (items/brands/product-lines) within given products/services over a specifically measured period of time.


Prominent consumer product retail chains and brands include:


  1. Wal-Mart (M&A with Woolco, Sam's Club, Seiyu and others)[1]
  2. Target (who had also attempted/botched a major expansion into Canada through acquisition of bankrupt Zellers retail locations)
  3. Circuit City (M&A with RadioShack, The Source and others)
  4. BestBuy (M&A with GreatCall, Dealtree, 5-star appliance, Speakeasy, Geeksquad, and others)
  5. HMV (M&A with SamTheRecordMan, and others)
  6. Barnes & Noble (M&A with SparkNotes, FatBrain & others)
  7. Amazon (the E-Coerce giant made its big leap into retail through M&A with Whole Foods and launch of “no-lineups/cashiers pay for what you take” Amazon Go)


Most of the major brands are also available in Canada, some (such as Sears and Toys-r-Us have an even bigger market share in Canada than in their home country, the US).

  1. Canadian Tire (M&A with Helly Hansen, Mark’s Work Warehouse, FGL Sports & others)
  2. The Bay (M&A with Eaton's, and others)
  3. Eddie Bauer
  4. Roots
  5. BestBuy (acquired Canadian electronics chain FutureShop; which itself had done M&A with MusicWorld and others)
  6. Chapters (M&A with Indigo and others)
  7. Toys-r-Us (M&A or strategic partnerships with eToys, FAO Schwartz; spin-off Babies-R-Us)


  1. Odakyu
  2. Isetan
  3. JUSCO
  4. Lambd's Club
  5. Tsutaya
  6. Uniqlo


  1. Promodes (France)
  2. Auchan ("")
  3. Carrefour ("")
  4. Leclerc ("")
  5. Metro (Germany)
  6. Rewe ("")
  7. Schwarz ("")
  8. Aldi ("")
  9. Tesco (UK)
  10. J. Sainsbury ("")
  11. Safeway Stores ("")
  12. El Corte Ingles (Spain)
  13. ICA ("")
  14. SHV Makro (Netherlands)
  15. Migros (Switzerland)
  16. H&M (Sweden)[2]
  17. IKEA ("")
  18. Benetton (Italy)


Major Retailers


See: Walmart


BestBuy is a leading North American retail outlet specializing in electronics, but now offering products of all types (as per Wal-Mart, Costco and the North American super department store). BestBuy attained noteriety as the first major "click-and-mortar" retailer to make its full product catalog publicly available via an API and Web Service, in competition with then purely online E-Commerce giant Amazon.

Canadian Tire

TJ Max


Sporting Goods

Cleve's (Source for Sports)


H & M



Old Navy


Giant Tiger

Used Goods Retailers

Value Village


Habitat for Humanity

Salvation Army

Defunct Major Retailers

The following chains went bankrupt or were acquired/decommissioned:

  • Woolco
  • Eatons
  • K-mart
  • Zellers (M&A with K-mart, HB, others... all store closed[4])
  • Sears
  • Borders (books)
  • HMV (Canadian stores/operations)
  • GAP
  • Target (Canadian stores/operations)
  • Toys-R-Us (US stores/operations)
  • Gordmans
  • Payless ShoesSource

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Defunct Minor Retailers

See Music#Retail



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