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Screen-sharing is a technology that shares one or more users' screens (desktop, applications, windows or other displays) in real-time, in order for another party to witness the interactions carried out on another screen or at another remote location.

Screen Archive


Screenshots capture still images of the usage of a particular application or system and what the screen is displaying at a particular point-in-time based on the navigational path chosen or set of inputs provided by the user.

Screenshots can be taken manually, using the Print Screen button on your keyboard (commonly abbreviated as PrintScn), or on Mobile devices it can be done by clicking a combination of touchscreen icons and/or physical buttons. For instance on iOS, you can take a screenshot by simultaneously pushing the Home button and Power button. On Android you can take a screenshot by using the "Karate Chop" hand gesture where you place the whole side/ridge of your hand placing it just right of center of the screen and swipe it to the left, maintaining contact[1], however since Android 4.0 the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time will also take a screenshot[2][3].

For testing purposes, Screenshots often come in handy, and an alternative to full live screen-sharing is to use Microsoft's Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) tool, which can be accessed by typing the following command in the start/run menu: psr

This tool will take a screenshot automatically every time your view updates or refreshes, which you can then get business or QA team members to package up the screenshot and step recordings as a ZIP and send it over to the Development/Technical team for troubleshooting. Some popular enterprise security tools work this way as well, such as ObserveIT which for server monitoring purposes captures a screenshot for each logged in user, for every keystroke or screen change.

Screen Recording

Screen Recordings will capture a full Screen-sharing session, or can simply be used to capture a recording of carrying out some process or walking through some set of steps without a live screen-share taking place.




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