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A Server is a piece of hardware and/or software which makes information (data, documents, applications, articles, text messages, images, audio, video and just about anything that can be represented digitally) available through a network (whether public or private).


Just like the comical "there's no 'cloud'; only other people's computers" quote from FSF[1][2], there's certainly no such thing as "serverless computing" in that some machine no matter how big or small, public or private, local (i.e. in front of your or within arms reach) or remote (some unknown data center) must best used to run it. Through techniques like P2P and RIA thick/fat-client variations from typical WebApps, most if not all of the computing can reside on the local machine or be spread across the network. Even then, one could argue that local or distributed machines are filling in the role of the "Server" and "Client" both. The common hype around "serverless computing" has ironically enough, thus far, centered around Cloud Computing solutions provided by AWS, Google, Microsoft and IBM and the ability to run "Lambda expressions" on those stacks in order to accomplish most if not all of the functionality of a traditional server-side/back-end application.

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