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  • Privacy is important for humanity for example, to protect intellectual property via copyright, trademark and patents allows [[business]]es to flourish with ...ated/redacted names (as in "Aaron Smith" being labelled as "A.Sm"; however special care/redaction necessary for very short names)
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  • ...mentation covers all the features, but see especially the [[#Special pages|Special pages]] section. ...tion:" namespace. The easiest way to do that is using the 'CreateProperty' special page (see above).
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  • ...ssues), lastly there are those who can use none of the above and require a special stylus or pointing device for instance sometimes even using their mouth or ...der of the Vocal folds or throat, or other Speaking disabilities whom need special textual or audio representations for Voice controls to be usable in an acce
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  • ...l as more broadly to the protection of physical assets and/or intellectual property which may be accessed or protected electronically.<ref>e-Security: http://w ...a and property as well as corporate data, physical assets and intellectual property which is potentially accessible over a network (typically focused broadly o
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  • ...s a Property in JavaScript:</ref></ref>
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  • ...perty may be referred to as the ''lessor'' and the party paying to use the property as the ''lessee'' or ''renter''. There is typically an implied, explicit, o ...offering basic services for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features. The word ''freemium'' is a neologism created by combining the two
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  • ...//</ref><ref>CSS font-family Property:</ref><ref>16 Gorge copyrighted and may not allow re-distribution, and thus, would require special [[encryption]] or other [[security]]/protection measures).
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