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Startup is a general term used to describe a new entrant (company) into a given marketplace (industry sector, geographic region, country, city, etc). Startups which survive tend to be new, young and innovative companies with both help their users and aren't too concerned about making large amounts of money (at least in the beginning).

It is often stated that roughly 90% of new business startups fail.[1]


Examples of some new business startups that have not only succeeded but become extremely large reputable companies (whether through acquisition or their own self-sufficiency) include:

Startup Expertise Merger/Acquisition?
AdMobAdvertising (mobile devices)(acquired by Google)
PowersetSemantic Search (NLP)(acquired by Microsoft)
TwineSemantic Web(acquired by Evri)
TwitterIM, Social Media & Search Engine
GrandCentralVoIP(acquired by Google)
DodgeballGeo-Location(acquired by Google)
SkypeVoIP, TeleConference, Videoconferencing(acquired by Ebay)
DoubleClickAdvertising (websites/search results)(acquired by Google)
LinkedInSNS and Career/Job hunting
FriendFeedSNS & Social Media(acquired by Facebook)
FacebookSNS & Advertising(15% of Ad Network acquired by Microsoft, valuing company at ~$15 Billion USD)
MySpaceSNS & Advertising(acquired by FOX media parent company News corp.)
BloggerBlogs(acquired by Google)
GrouperOnline Video(acquired by SONY)
JumpCutOnline Video & Video Editing(acquired by Yahoo!)
FlickrImage & Photos hosting, Search Engine(acquired by Yahoo!)
YouTubeOnline Video hosting, Search Engine(acquired by Google)
PayPalE-Payments(acquired by Ebay)
WikipediaOnline Encylopedia & Knowledge Management tools(spin-off Wikia acquired by Amazon)
IMDBWorld's largest Movie database & Social Media(acquired by Amazon)
MonsterHuman Resources, Career/Job hunting
SalesforceHuman Resources, Project Management & CRM
Craig's ListOnline Classifieds(25% stake acquired by Ebay)
AmazonOnline Re-seller & Retail
EbayOnline Auction
GoogleSearch Engine, Media & Advertising
Yahoo!Search Engine, Media & Advertising(Microsoft tried to acquire multiple times)
AOLSearch Engine, Media & "Productivity Software"(merged with Time-Warner, only to later un-merge)
AppleOperating System & Browser developer, Hardware & Mobile Device manufacturer
MicrosoftOperating System, Browser, "Productivity Software" & Search Engine developer, Mobile Device manufacturer




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