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Strands is the world's leading Recommendation services company which owns subsidiaries MyStrands, MoneyStrands, PartyStrands, BusinessStrands and the SocialStrands and the StrandPlayer among other technologies.[1]

Strands develops recommendation and personalization technologies to help people discover new things. Strands' patent-pending Social Recommender is capable of automatically learning people's tastes and how their preferences evolve over time. It can be used to generate real-time recommendations in a vast number of domains.


Strands is structured in three main Business Units:

  1. Strands Business Solutions
  2. Strands Personal Finance
  3. Strands Social Discovery

Operates Strands, an end-user oriented life-streaming tool to help people discover new things based on their real-life and on-line activities. [2]


Strands Business Solutions

Commercializes Strands Social Recommender as an easy-to-use Strands hosted service. A growing number of retailers are using Strands plug-and-play interfaces to help their end-users discover the long-tail content on their sites. Every week millions of users receive personalized recommendations generated by Strands.



Most of Strands' services are created on top of a common set of APIs that Strands make accessible to developers through openStrands.

Strands Personal Finance

Develops moneyStrands, an end-user oriented personal finance management tool that uses Strands Social Recommender to help people find new ways to save money. Strands Personal Finance also licenses Strands' patent-pending technology to banks in countries where moneyStrands does not operate. Hundreds of thousands of users are now managing their personal finances using Strands' proprietary technology.


Strands Social Discovery




MyStrands is probably the single most excellent example of how a Recommender System should work. It logs your music interests by monitoring which music tracks you listen to (through plug-ins, which are available for Win-Amp, iTunes, WindowsMediaPlayer and REAL Media Player) and then tries to create a profile for you with personalized recommendations.[3]

Recommender System Conference

Strands is a key sponsor for the Recommender Systems Conference for 2008.

Recommender System Contest 2008

There will be a special contest encouraging entrepreneurs, academics and business users alike to submit their Recommendation Engine projects. The contest will be open to all registrants who are working on an interesting Recommendation Technology.[4]


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