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List of Home Improvements to Make

  1. Dry-Wall Taping (ATTIC)
  2. OPTIONAL Improve ventilation (UPSTAIRS BATHROOM)
  3. Dry-Wall Repairs (UPSTAIRS BATHROOM)
  4. Dry-Wall Finishing (BASEMENT)
  5. Dry-Wall Taping (BASEMENT)
  6. Mold Remediation (BASEMENT)
  7. Clean Ventilation System/Filter (BASEMENT)
  8. Clean Central Vacuum/Filter (BASEMENT)
  9. Priming Walls (BASEMENT)
  10. Painting Walls (BASEMENT)
  11. Painting Stairwell (BASEMENT)
  12. Enclosing Circuit Breaker (BASEMENT)
  13. Enclosing Ventilation System (BASEMENT)
  14. Enclosing Central Vacuum & Hot Water Tank under Staircase (BASEMENT)
  15. Vent Central Vacuum out window (BASEMENT)
  16. Finishing/Painting Staircase (BASEMENT)
  17. Carpeting for Staircase (BASEMENT)
  18. Proper railing (and trim) on room-side of stairs (BASEMENT)
  19. OPTIONAL Install large eGress window at front/south-facing side of house (BASEMENT)
  20. Install Gutters, Front/Back of House (EXTERIOR)
  21. Extend Downspout to 6 feet from roof (EXTERIOR)
  22. OPTIONAL Put roof and basic siding on patio (EXTERIOR)
  23. Remove Dead Tree (BACKYARD)
  24. Improve Drainage w. French Drain (BACKYARD)
  25. OPTIONAL Dig garden in backyard (BACKYARD)

Building a House

If you are seriously considering building a new home, there are some questions you should be asking potential builders. Here are our suggestions:

  1. What percentage of the homes that you build are closed on the scheduled closing date?
  2. How do I keep from going over budget on my home?
  3. Are you available if I have a question? How will I know I can get in touch with you when I need to?
  4. How do you define quality?
  5. How are issues resolved?
  6. What happens if I change my mind during construction?
  7. How do I know when / what is required of me?
  8. Can I visit my home during construction?
  9. What associations are they affiliated with? And what kind of warranty is carried?
  10. Can we have references from past clients?

SOURCE: Martell Homes newsletter

Finishing Basements

DIY Guide To Finishing A Basement (highlights)[1]:

  • Don't Start to Work Until You Know It's Dry (and totally Mold/Mildew free)

Before you do any kind of finished work on a basement, make sure there won't be any water issues that could cause damage. Go outside and inspect the exterior walls for moisture problems. Make sure the ground is sloped away from the foundation walls. Also, check the downspouts, if they're clogged, it could be create a lot of moisture and bring it into the basement.

  • Put Some Furring on Your Walls

Install furring strips on the wall so you'll have a 1/2-inch of space between the interior wall and the moisture on the outside wall. You can use a Chicago bar, which is basically 1/2-inch thick metal strips.

  • Keep the Vapor Out and the Warmth In

Polyurethane sheeting is great for keeping moisture from seeping in. Consider insulation that's completely enclosed in a vapor barrier, it is easy to work with since you don't have to deal with itchy insulation fibers.

  • Build Up the Floor Before You Lay Anything Down

Since the basement is below ground, it gets a lot of coolness and moisture, so you need to warm it up. Put down a vapor barrier to protect the space between the wood and the cement. Next, lay 2x4s and frame it every 16 inches. Lay a strip, and between the 2x4s, place an insulation board and a piece of 3/4" plywood on top. This type of floor is giving and resilient, and it's warm enough that you can walk barefoot on it.

  • Suspend Your Ceiling Preconceptions

If you need to have access to electrical and plumbing systems in your ceiling, suspended ceiling tiles are the way to go. Otherwise, with a drywall ceiling, you'd have to create access panels.

  • Give Your Lighting a Recess Too

Recessed lighting is great for basements since you don't want fixtures hanging from a low ceiling. Because there's limited natural light, basement lighting is essential to brighten up the place.


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