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Secure Copy a file from one server to another:

scp username@hostname:/path/to/file .

Secure Copy an entire directory from one server to another:

scp username@hostname:/path/to/directory/* .


Bridging network devices can be a pain and extremely error prone, here are some steps to fix a network bridge when trying to boot a Virtual Device (i.e. via VMware, VirtualBox, Xen, OpenVZ, etc)...[1]

Bridge Control (show all bridges/interfaces):

brctl show

If no interface is attached to the desired Bridge, then...

Change Directory to Network Scripts folder:

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

Manually edit the "ifcfg-em1" network configuration file:

nano ifcfg-em1

Manually edit the "ifcfg-br0" bridge configuration file:

nano ifcfg-br0

Change Directory to the init.d folder

cd /etc/init.d/

Manually restart the Network connection:

./network restart

Bridge Control - Add InterFace

 brctl addif <device> <bridge>
brctl addif br0 em1

Show bridges again:

brctl show


  1. Bridge network interface on VirtualBox in Fedora: