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Telecommute (also commonly referred to as work-from-home (WFH), working remote, remoting in, having a remote workforce or establishing a virtual organization; also commonly written in verb form as Tele-Commuting or telecommuting) is an approach to workforce management which allows employees or contractors to perform the bulk or all of their duties from their home (i.e. home office, chesterfield, etc), or, from another remote location while on the go (i.e. while waiting for a flight in an airport, at a hotel when attending a conference, etc).

Some estimates show that companies could save billions of dollars by allowing, encouraging and actively restructuring their organization's policies and networks, to support telecommuting.[1]

Remote Workforce


"Working-From-Home" (commonly abbreviated WFH when given as an employee's work arrangement status for the day), or "Work-From-Home" when referring to the concept, has rapidly gone from an increasing trend at the most "forward-thinking companies" to more like the "new norm" at most companies worldwide where this is a possibility, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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Digital Nomads

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