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Time is a measurement (and according to some just a measurement that represents a specific viewpoint) referring to passage of what is referred to as a continuum (or fixed value, again depending on definition) between occurrences of events.[1]

Famous sayings and observations are that time:

  • is a construct (manmade mechanism trying to explain the Universe's chaos, patterns, expanse/collapse, otherwise random events, etc)
  • is an illusion
  • flies
  • waits for no man
  • is money
  • heals all wounds
  • runs forward but never backwards
  • stands still (at critical points in your life)
  • slows down when you're idle/bored/mourning
  • flashes before your eyes (during "near-death experiences" or just before death)

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A Timer is any object or device used to count the duration of a given action. In the case of Click-Stream Analysis (used in Web Analytics) [5], Behavioral Tracking[6] & Analysis [7] and Behavioral Targeting[8] this equates to timing the interactions that a user makes with a given object on the page.





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