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WhatToRent is an innovative emotion and personality-driven Recommendation Engine for movie rentals. The underlying recommender technology is powered by the individual user's current mood, and their actual personality, rather than behavioral or collaborative filtering based approaches which take things like "previously viewed" items and actions within the system (such as movies you took the time to write a review about, or share with a friend).


So how does it work? According to Marc Willems of always irreverant and insightful review site Froggy's World:

The site was designed by Americans Matthew Kuhlke and Adam Geitgey who based it on the relatively unknown LaBarrie Theory, which states that "movie viewers emotionally interact with a film in the same manner that they interact with other human beings."

"We decipher your personality and calculate how you would respond to each movie in our database," says Kuhlke. "Each movie in our database is evaluated and analysed as if it were an actual person. After we learn what type of mood you are in we perform a few algorithms with your personality model, mood and the movies in our database. These operations give us an idea of what you would experience if you watched each movie in your current mood. We use your feedback to modify our algorithm to perfection. We have recommended over 350,000 movies and satisfied about 78 per cent of our users."


Kuhlke says the site's success stems from the fact it won't stereotype you into a certain type of taste. He says other "recommendation engines" on the Internet (like those on Amazon.com), reply on your past movie choices to predict others you may also enjoy. "We recommend movies based on who you are and what mood you are in. The fact that you normally enjoy incredibly depressing movies shouldn't preclude you from a quality romantic comedy once in a while," he says. [1]

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