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A Media Player is an object or tool used for playing media of a particular format or set of formats.

Media Players

There are a number of possible technologies to use in creating your own Media Player, however the most common for each platform will be listed below.


By sharp contrast, Desktop media players are meant for viewing video on an actual desktop, laptop, mobile or other client device, which has its own media playing capabilities (including the necessary codecs, to play video, audio, image and other media formats). Desktop solutions typically come in one of two varieties, closed-source and open-source.



Amarok is the leading OSS Media Player for the Linux OS. It also has some "device media synchronization" type features to act as somewhat of a limited stand-in for full-blown synchronization software such as iTunes, BlackBerry sync, Samsung sync, etc used by the various device-specific Mobile OS platforms for transferring multimedia files over to your device from a computer.

Media Player Classic


Windows Media Player


Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player (commonly abbreviated AMP) is the latest release from Adobe, and is intended as a proprietary media center solution and alternative to Windows' Media Player and Apple's Quicktime/iTunes player combo.



Web-based consumption of content has become increasingly pervasive thanks to the availability of a number of feature-rich media players. A media player for the web still requires a Media Streaming Server and typically (but not necessarily) a web browser client to display the media in.

SUN: Java Applets

The first true cross-platform (cross-browser/cross-OS) multimedia player option were Java Applets using JMF.

For more details, see: Applets

REAL: Real Media plugin

APPLE: Quicktime plugin

MICROSOFT: Windows Media Player plugin

Windows Media Player (commonly abbreviated as WMP) is the flagship Media Player software Microsoft's main media platform which ships with all versions of its Windows Operating System.

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ADOBE: Shockwave/Flash extensions

MICROSOFT: Silverlight extension

DIVX: 4K HD & DRM plugin

  • wikipedia: DivX
  • DivX Player: (DivX organization now also offers Mobile "Cast to TV" style app, and DivX Player PRO with editing/ripping/publishing capabilities)

W3C: HTML5/JavaScript, no plugin/extension

  1. Video.js:
  2. Open Standard Media (OSM) Player:
  3. Projekktor:
  4. LeanBack Player - HTML5 Video Player with Subtitle-Support:
  5. moovie - custom controls on top of vidow:
  6. FlareVideo:
  7. MediaElement.JS: | SRC | DOCS[7]

[8] [9] [10]



[12] [13]


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