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Print is a form of communication whereby textual and/or visual information is represented on some physical media such as paper, plastic, wood, rock, etc...



Uses a format called the Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) with the aim to provide a standard, secure, and highly trustworthy format that enables a wide set of applications, devices, tools and platforms to implement compatible paginated-document workflows. An additional goal will be to enable the interoperability of independently created software and hardware systems that produce, consume or otherwise process XPS content.

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A modern "Printer" is a small-to-medium sized paper feeding and automatic printing device which typically fits on or under a desk. Portable printers also exist which can be carried in an oversized computer bag alongside a laptop it is used with, or often it can be used with other Mobile Devices such as a Smartphone or Camera. Photograph-grade stationary and portable printers both also exist that can produce high quality black & white or color portrait prints or scenery prints for photography purposes.




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