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Xbox is a popular line of video game consoles by Microsoft. The latest version is the Xbox One, which follows-up on the success of the Xbox 360.


Xbox 360

Xbox One

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Xbox Series S

Subscription-focused next-gen console.

Xbox Series X


Kinect made waves when launched in late 2010, as the first consumer-centric, mass-produced camera-based device for tracking motions and gestures for use in video games playable in a consumer electronics device.[8] The appeal was that you could "let your body be the controller" while the sensor picked up on Depth, Infrared, and Color (like a WebCam) aspects of the scenery in front of your Xbox.

Some of the most useful "Xbox <commands>":

  1. open <app_or_game> (games, upload, netflix, crackle, etc)
  2. go to <game name>
  3. go to <app>
  4. go home
  5. volume up/down
  6. pause
  7. play
  8. fast forward
  9. skip backward
  10. rewind
  11. mute
  12. unmute (although saying mute again does the same thing)
  13. record that
  14. watch tv
  15. snap party
  16. turn off
  17. on

In addition, up until mid 2017 you could use Kinect Gestures to control the home screen where it would track your open palm and you could "press" inwards on tiles for specific games to activate them; however this feature was removed in a re-write of the startup/home screens to ensure a faster loading time, and was reportedly not a very well-used feature. Although, it did show the seeds of how a very useful, standing-friendly, mouse/keybaord/touch-free gestural interface may operate. [9] [10]

Kinect For Windows

There are two methods of working with Kinect on your computer. The first is to use the "Kinect (v2) for Windows" device designed specifically for this purpose (research and development of Kinect v2 Windows applications that support or exploit any of the built-in Kinect capabilties such as gestures, voice/speech recogn typition, image recognition and/or HD video feeds). The second is to use Microsoft's official external "Kinect for Xbox ONE" (aka Kinect v2) accessory, repurposed or multi-use enabled via Microsoft's official "Kinect for Xbox ONE - Windows Adapter". While it is also possible to re-purpose "Kinect for Xbox 360" in a similar way, the capabilities and definition of the Kinect v2 are far superior and lend themselves better to any serious research in gestural or voice interactivity applications one may typically wish to use the Kinect for.

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  • Kinect 2 Hands On Labs:

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Xcloud is the working name of a console-free, streaming gaming platform reported to be deep into development and testing by Microsoft with a tentative launch of Q3 or Q4 in 2019.





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