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Apache Software Foundation is an organization and community centered around the development, use, extension and re-use of high quality free and open source software.

Leaving JCP

Apache made tech news waves when they announced their official departure from the open source Java Community Process (JCP), the governing body for development of Java standards and the Java Standard Edition platform stack. As they relinquished all of their positions on the board and management committees, they will pursue their Harmony version of the Java Standard (which Oracle denies status as an official JCP-compliant Java Virtual Machine. [1]


The Apache Attic was created in November 2008 to provide a process and solutions to make it clear when an Apache project has reached its end of life, and to continue its hosting indefinitely so that its users have time to find still-active alternatives and migrate, clone and/or keep it going as their own internal solutions, or at least come up with a plan for retirement of its usage (keeping a place where the documentation/downloads can be accessed) within a broader application/service's lifetime.


External Links


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