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Artificial Intelligence (commonly abbreviated AI) is the process of thought, or thought-like actions, within (or emanating from) machines, electronics, appliances and/or other computing devices.



"Any event, occurrence, relationship or entity in a given environment which is caused or produced by an intervention or external factor introduced by a party from outside of the given environment's natural ecosystem"[1]

SYNONYMS: Not real, man-made, synthetic, manufactured, generated, unnatural, imitation, simulated [2]


"A capability of autonomously combining, differentiating, learning, planning and foreseeing, with the aim to reach a predefined goal." [3]

SYNONYMS: IQ, aptitude, brainpower, brains, cleverness, comprehension, discernment, intellect, judgment, mentality, mind, perception, perspicacity, savvy, sense, skill, smarts, understanding, wit [4]


The typical "prototype" or demonstration of the capabilities of a form of AI is a "Chat Bot" (commonly known as Bots) which could answer questions either spoken or typed in a natural "stream-of-thought" form of 2-way interactive conversation. Of course, this is just one type of AI, and one which is quite difficult to get right in order to avoid side-splitting hilarious responses without the use of many prepared/canned statements to commonly used "AI-stumping" questions such as: "what is the meaning of life", "is the universe finite or infinite", "how many dimensions are there", etc. Those type of questions typically either crash primitive systems exposing holes in logic or causing infinite computational logic loops, or, on the other hand, expose the programmer/creator/content-authors' biases in the responses.


A Chat Robot (commonly summarized as Chatbot) is a computer program that simulates 2-way human conversation (i.e. chat) for purposes such as question answering, information lookups, task completion, order taking, entertainment, education or research. A successful Chatbot should approach realization of at least some of the promises of Artificial Intelligence. Chatbots are often utilized in applications such as E-Commerce sales, Customer Service & Self-Service, Call Centers & Internet Gaming. Typically, a chatbot will communicate with a real person, but applications are being developed in which two chatbots can actually communicate with each other (though somewhat rarer in present-day applications, future applications could include B2B negotiations & automated-transactions, harmony of nodes/devices/robots operating within ubiquitous networks, automated financial investing decisions, and more.

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Question Answering systems

Intelligent Agent

An "Intelligent Agent" (sometimes abbreviated as "IA", also referred to as a "Virtual/Digital Assistant"), is similar to a Chatbot in that it can be used to answer questions or carry out tasks, but it is not supplemented by human-human interaction like a Chatbot, and, is more generalized to answer all types of queries, than the typically specialized, far narrower focus of a Chatbot. Examples from companies trying to offer this type of service (though with varying levels of sophistication/capabilities):

  1. Amazon - Alexa
  2. Apple - Siri
  3. Google - Google Assistant (formerly "NOW / Ok, Google")
  4. Microsoft - Cortana
  5. Nuance - Dragon
  6. Samsung - Bixby


Risks of AI & Unchecked Technology

The risks of unchecked AI and other technology range from dangerous systems that risk human life or cause excessive errors, to, the anihilation of the human race in an apocalyptic "AI/Robots .vs. Humanity" scenario. [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43]

Deep Fakes

[44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] [52] [53]


Singularity[54] is the concept that eventually Artificial Intelligence will exceed human intelligence, resulting in the creation of self-aware and potentially sentient[55] beings.



Kevin Warwick advocates a human-machine hybrid (merger) when the singular comes, as he claims it inevitably will. His research is focused on enhanacing human senses and motor-skills through integration of mechanised hardware components.

de Garis

Hugo de Garis claims humanity should build godlike massively intelligent machines later this century, and believes that a war between those who support the development of intelligent machines and those who are against the development of intelligent machines will inevitably occur before the end of the 21st century.


Hans Moravec proposes using transhumanism [56] to enable humans to surpass the capability of both regular (non transhumans) and regular (non-biological) machines.


Isaac Asimov authored the Robot# Three Laws which attempted to ensure a favourable view of humans within the spectrum of AI in robotics. Human life, through ambiguity of other life forms, would be valued above all other beings, including robots and in fact any AI sentient machines themselves.


Deep Blue


[60] [61]

Deep Mind


Google Home


Google Voice Search

Google Assistant

Google Duplex


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GitHub Copilot

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